Project Overview:

One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) Social Enterprise Accelerator Programme is incubating its methodology, researching the needs of the NPO sector, and establishing proof of concept so it can launch nationally to support and strengthen NPOs across the nation. 

One Eleuthera Foundation’s Social Enterprise Accelerator (OEFSEA): 

OEFSEA was formed to support the One Eleuthera Foundation’s (OEF’s) program to boost economic development, bring jobs, and financial inclusion in South Eleuthera. 

Our priority is to strengthen OEF and OEF Partners to more effectively meet community needs during crises and beyond by providing mentoring, training, and access to capital. 

The accelerator, through mentoring, training, and access to capital, will provide a new model for NPO development and support that meets the specific needs of the sector, and: 

• Takes each OEF core partner through a systematic program to build readiness and achieve independence. 

• Seeks to incubate NPOs related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and link opportunities to Bahamian non-profit entrepreneurs in those areas Provides carriage of the regulatory and governance processes for OEF and core partners Assists NPOs and social enterprises in their regulatory requirements in terms of registration and reporting. 

• Integrates monitoring and evaluation protocols for each program to determine their effectiveness and impact 

Once our proof of concept is further refined, we will focus on strengthening the third sector nationally to build a more resilient Bahamas by targeting social enterprises that can scale and make a significant impact on achieving the UN SDGs. 

Purpose :

The Accelerator Programme Consultant will help develop the proof of concept and proposal to launch the accelerator program nationally. 

Time Period :

The duration of the consultancy is two (2) months. 

Scope of the Project :

The project involves developing a proposal and model for launching the accelerator program nationally to support the NPO sector in The Bahamas. During this phase, OEF will begin research to map the needs of non-profit organizations nationally and understand the best system for supporting the requirements of this sector. Through this research, we will develop several models by which non-profit organizations can be created, supported, and accelerated to serve the community better. 

OEF will also begin preparing the infrastructure by which its acceleration services can be expanded nationally. Systems and staff will be developed, and perspectives will 

be enhanced through consultants and an interim advisory board. 

The project’s scope includes identifying potential models that can be adopted for the delivery of services to other non-profits. It also involves developing a fundraising plan, operating budget, mission and vision statements, structure for the program/organization, and a launch plan for the organization nationally. 

Roles and Responsibilities :

The role of the Accelerator Programme Consultant would include the following: 

• Consider how the incubation/interim executive team and incubation/interim Board would work to bring in the most stakeholders input and brainpower to get us to/through the launch 

• Study community foundation models, especially in The Caribbean that can be adopted. 

• Identify partners for tech assistance (PADF, other community foundations, IDB, BDB, Office of the Prime Minister’s SDG unit, Tides, Global Giving, Templeton) 

• Draft origin story, mission statement, vision statement and core values 

• Revisit and validate current concept note(s) 

• Develop values statement for who we partner with and how we work 

• Develop draft operating budget 

• Develop draft services offered and costs 

• Develop a draft fundraising plan and solicit initial investors 

• Review other documents in relation to the programme as recommended. 

• Draft paper for the launch of the Accelerator programme nationally. 

• Participate in meetings related to the grant. 

Key Deliverables :

• Proposed models for the accelerator programme 

• Fundraising Draft Plan 

• Draft Operating Budget 

• Draft Mission and Vision Statement and Core Values 

• Draft Fees and Services List 

• Human Resource Plan 

Reporting :

The Consultant will report to the Chief Project Officer. The Consultant shall submit all invoices and deliverables for approval and payment to the Chief Project Officer. The Consultant is expected to work closely and directly with the Accelerator Programme Lead Consultant. 

Qualifications :

The Consultant should have the following qualifications: 

• A minimum of a master’s degree in Philanthropy or related field. 

• At-least five-years’ experience with work in the non-profit sector 

• Knowledge of NPO sector both locally and internationally 

One Eleuthera Foundation :

OEF is the collaboration of various community organizations and individuals to provide greater opportunities for Eleutherans to participate in their own socio-economic development. In order to achieve this goal, the issue of INEQUITABLE large-scale development had to be examined and addressed. We set out to forever change this unsustainable cycle of dependency and empower our local communities into a model of ownership, partnership and collaboration, and self-sufficiency. These are our islands and the time has come to educate, train, fund, and 

In addition, a methodology for incubation will be piloted with two OEF partners, one start-up phase NGO in Abaco or Grand Bahama, and one established NGO in New Providence. 

transfer knowledge on how to grow our island communities into thriving economies that ensure all Bahamians are participating, contributing, and benefiting from homegrown solutions. When we work together and support each other from a place of knowledge, we become ONE. 

Contact Information: 

All interested persons must send their resumes to Please label the subject heading with your name and the position for which you are applying. It should read as follows: Eg. David Lobban – Accelerator Development Programme Consultant.